Our Commitment

A timeless and slow approach to fashion

Better. Slow. Chic.

Embracing timeless design over seasonal trends, we offer classic pieces designed to be worn year-round, avoiding fast-paced collections and prioritizing quality and durability.

Our commitment is based on fostering positive relationship with our artisans who craft our pieces using durable, natural, and biodegradable materials.


Thoughtful expert Craftsmanship

Our production model embodies a commitment to social responsibility and ethical sourcing. By partnering with small, family-owned factories in Italy, we ensure a safe working environment and support local artisans and communities.

Our slow and thoughtful approach to production not only guarantees high-quality craftsmanship but also minimizes waste, reflecting our dedication to a more conscious and responsible way of doing business.

Biodegradable and natural materials

Plastic-free experience

The choice of the right materials is a key. We set as our priority the elimination of plastics from our pieces. Our commitment to eco-consciousness means that all our materials are natural and free from plastics, heavy metals, and toxic dyes. No plastic finishes from our pieces to our packaging.

The feeling of natural textures is a distinguished part of the experience of our pieces.

The Essence of Italy

Quality pieces designed to last

Inspired by our Italian heritage, our design focuses on creating everyday styles built to endure, ensuring longevity without compromising on aesthetic appeal. With a commitment to functionality, our handbags are meticulously crafted for ease of wear, marrying practicality with style. Tested and certified materials guarantee both quality and sustainability, with a keen emphasis on biodegradability and natural elements.


B Corps™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Carbon Neutral Orders

We offset 100% of our products' C02e emissions—from raw materials to delivery to your doorstep. We are partnered with Ecocart to make it possible.

The offsets we purchase specifically support Global Forestry Projects.

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