From Sicily to San Francisco

Native Sicilian Gianna Caravello grew up in Southern Italy, surrounded by colorful motifs and creative traditions, where the notion of luxury means things that are beautifully crafted, practical and made to last. 

When she realized the disproportionate use of synthetics in the fashion industry, she decided to put her effort into designing a completely plastic-free and natural experience. So she turned to classic Italian methods and traveled across Italy to teamed up with craftsmen and suppliers who are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for their workers and to applying all the latest technologies in order to protect and preserve our ecosystem.

In 2019 she launched MODHER a handbags and accessories line for women designed for a better and conscious elegance. She wanted to combines Italian craftsmanship with plastic-free materials to create timeless and long-lasting pieces that respect both people and the planet.

Gianna Caravello

I founded MODHER with the passion for the beauty and timelessness of Italian design in mind, and an insistence upon a better, more ethical way to create fashion pieces. Now, as a Certified B Corporation, we create handbags that are consciously designed and ethically crafted."

Gianna Caravello - FOUNDER

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