Our Commitment to Environmentally Friendly, Ethical Materials
The status quo for materials in the fashion accessories industry isn’t acceptable — for our brand and for the longevity and health of all of us who inhabit and rely upon this planet for survival. Much of the leather used in mainstream fashion comes from resource-intensive livestock farms that are environmentally destructive and responsible for widespread deforestation. Moreover, most leather-tanning practices are energy- and water-intensive, and working conditions in these factories tend to be dangerous.
The New Maya Crossbody: Our Most Sustainable Handbag Yet

The launch of our newest piece, the Maya Crossbody, is the realization of another giant step in our journey. The most sustainable handbag we’ve ever crafted, the Maya pushes the limits of what’s possible in ethically sourced materials and meticulous craftsmanship, at the most approachable price point possible.

MODHER Founder Gianna Caravello Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Sustainable Fashion Brand
Growing up in Italy, MODHER Founder Gianna Caravello was surrounded by timeless beauty. Everything from the buildings to the textiles was built to last for generations. Italian items were old, and in their age, they carried stories and history that made them truly special and unique
An Introduction to Our B Corp Certification Journey

MODHER was created with the mission to build a luxury handbag collection that embraces a holistic approach to sustainability. "I didn’t know much about the fashion industry or handbags, but I knew two things," - Gianna Caravello, MODHER”s Founder said - "First, I knew that there was too much plastic in our garments that quickly ended up in landfills and our oceans, and second, I knew that I wanted to run a company that respected people and our earth.”