Celebrating Our Commitment to Sustainability: MODHER's B Corp Recertification
    We are thrilled to announce that MODHER has successfully achieved recertification as a B Corporation™!  This recertification reaffirms our belief in the power of business to drive meaningful impact. Our journey as a B Corp began with a...
Embracing Transparency: A Closer Look at MODHER's Ethical and Sustainable Supply Chain
Explore Modher's dedication to ethical sourcing and sustainability. Learn about our transparent supply chain, supporting local artisans and certified suppliers to bring you high-quality products.
MODHER's Ethical Holiday Collaboration with Dressember: Fashion for a Purpose
Discover the magic of MODHER's latest holiday collaboration with Dressember, a movement using fashion to advocate for human trafficking victims' freedom and dignity. As a B Corp company committed to ethical production. For every purchase made through the Dressember website, MODHER will donate 10% to support the cause. Join us in making a difference with your fashion choices this holiday season. Shop consciously, stand with MODHER, and embrace style with a purpose.
The Artistry of Vegetable Tanned Leather from Tuscany, Italy: A Cut Above the Rest
Leather, a material that has been cherished for centuries, continues to captivate us with its timeless appeal, durability, and versatility. While various methods of leather production exist, one particular method stands out for its artisanal craftsmanship and rich heritage: vegetable...
Celebrating Our B Corp Anniversary During B Corp Month
MODHER became a B Corp one year ago, and our anniversary feels especially celebratory, as this month is also B Corp Month — a chance for B Corps to share their stories, uplift each other’s voices, and bring new folks into the fold.
A leather tote bag as a painting canvas: Our Recent Artist Collaborations

We provided our Elba tote bag in vegetable-tanned leather to two woman artists and challenged them to create something new. Their final pieces are imaginative and beautiful.

Why we keep quality craftsmanship as one of our core values
Craftsmanship is one of our core values in our sustainable and ethical brand. A small-batch productions and a short supply chain allow us to have in-person relationships with our artisans. This is how a passion for crafting, tradition, and purpose embedded in our handbags.
Why Relying On Carbon Offset Credit Programs Isn’t Enough

It’s great that carbon offset programs exist (when they’re functional), but in order to create lasting environmental change, we need to go deeper.

Rethinking Holiday Shopping to Incorporate Longevity and Sustainability

This holiday season, we’ll be thinking about how to give our loved ones gifts that last. Take a look at our plan for more thoughtful gift-giving.

The overarching impact of our holiday shopping depends largely on not only how much we buy, but what we buy. Cheap, mass-produced products are able to exist because low prices are prioritized over the wellbeing of the planet, and sometimes workers and communities too. Giving those types of products as gifts runs contrary to everything we think gift-giving should be about.

Plastic in Fashion Is the Fossil-Fuel Issue We Should All Be Talking About

The fashion industry has a huge plastic problem.

It’s nearly impossible to be a consumer today without being aware of the harmful presence of plastics that exists throughout myriad industries. We hear about plastic bottles tumbling through the waves of Earth’s oceans, plastic shopping bags carried along in the breeze of every large and small town, and plastic straws from millions of iced beverages choking our landfills. In these instances, plastic is visible and tactile. It’s obvious.

How MODHER Created a Vegan Leather Handbag — With Zero Plastic

Why create a vegan leather handbag?

Most vegan leather pieces on the market today are made from plastics, and their full lifecycles — from creation to retirement — are harmful to the environment. When our founder, Gianna Caravello, learned about a new plastic-free, plant-based material creating buzz in the world of sustainable fashion, she was intrigued. 

Produced by Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), MIRUM® is a high-performance material made of all-natural ingredients. MIRUM uses absolutely no plastic, and while it complements leather, its plant-based material is 100% vegan.  

Our Commitment to eco friendly and sustainable materials
Our mission at MODHER is to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, while crafting our handbags with the most sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing.
The New Maya Crossbody: Our Most Sustainable Handbag Yet

The launch of our newest piece, the Maya Crossbody, is the realization of another giant step in our journey. The most sustainable handbag we’ve ever crafted, the Maya pushes the limits of what’s possible in ethically sourced materials and meticulous craftsmanship, at the most approachable price point possible.

MODHER Founder Gianna Caravello Shares the Inspiration Behind Her Sustainable Fashion Brand
Growing up in Italy, MODHER Founder Gianna Caravello was surrounded by timeless beauty. Everything from the buildings to the textiles was built to last for generations. Italian items were old, and in their age, they carried stories and history that made them truly special and unique
Our B Corp Certification Journey

The MODHER's journey to be awarded of the B Corp Certification. What we learned during the process and what it means to be a sustainable business. 

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