There’s beauty behind the scenes.

Where it’s made matters.

Craftsmanship is one of our core value

At MODHER, we believe that the quality of a product is achieved through a holistic approach to design and manufacturing that incorporates a commitment to craft and ethics. A quality craftsmanship process is the synthesis of this approach, where quality, durability, and ethics are intertwined.

We have established MODHER on the fundamentals of ethical labor.

We work within Europe, where child labour is explicitly banned in the European Union under the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union 2000. We regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that the employees are provided proper work conditions, hygiene, and safety, and prohibiting any form of child labour, forced labour, or illegal employment.

We have focused our manufacturing process along the Arno river, in the historic leather district in Italy.

Our pieces are made by Italian artisans whose exceptional skills align with our values. We’ve teamed up with artisans and suppliers who are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for their workers.

Each handbag is made by skilled and passionate people, and every collection is produced in small batches to ensure quality and uniqueness.

From raw materials to the final product

Meet the Artisans

How a passion for crafting, tradition, and purpose comes through in our handbags.

Andrea's Workshop

Leather bag manufacturer

The leather's workshop was established in Florence in 1954 by Silvano his wife. The family-owned business runs since three generations and today is guided by Andrea, his wife Luciana and their sons. They run their factory using only energy from renewable source, and they comply with SA 8000.

Adriano's workshop

Leather bag manufacturer

The workshop was founded by Adriano and his wife in 2011 in the countryside of Florence. Their family-owned business focuses on producing leather goods for luxury brands, with a strong emphasis on quality and detail. Partnering with Adriano ensures a touch of luxury in our products.

MODHER ethically made in Italy

Luca’s workshop

Leather bag manufacturer

Established in 1955, in Pistoia, Tuscany, Luca's workshop embodies a legacy of leather craftsmanship, renowned for its commitment to tradition, integrity, and authenticity. Balancing heritage with innovation.

Donatella's Workshop

Small leather goods manufacturer

Founded in 2013 in Florence by Donatella is a small manufacturer focused in small leather goods.

Tempesti Conceria


Established in 1945 in San Miniato, by the Tempesti family, their artisanal journey has flourished for generations, cultivating a legacy of exquisite craftsmanship of the traditional Tuscany vegetable tanned leather, the "Vacchetta".

Golden Rated - Leather Working Group / Raw material traceability "Excellent"- ICEC / Unic Social Accountability - ICEC / Certified Tuscan Vegetable-Tanned leather / ZDHC - Road map to Zero

Conceria Caravaggio


Caravaggio Tannery, a family-owned business near Pisa, Italy, prioritizes quality and eco-friendly practices. Through the Soft Nature process, they aim to cut CO2 emissions by 30%, reduce water usage by 30%, and utilize Zero-Kilometer Leather.

Silver Rated - Leather Working Group

Bnt Leather - vegetable tanned leather - MODHER

BNT Leather


BNT tannery is a family owned business with a long tanning tradition that began in 1978 in Santa Croce sull' Arno, Pisa. The company has its roots in the Tuscan tanning tradition.

Pressofusione metalli


Domenico and his brother uphold the family tradition by managing the factory with a focus on traditional methods and the renowned 'Made in Italy' quality. Based in Arezzo, famous for its artisanal gold jewelry and small-batch production processes.

Scatolifico Solvi


Established in the 1989 in the small town of Vinci, in the Tuscany countryside, the company is a family owned business, run from fathers to sons. We partner with Solvi for our branded gift boxes because their manufacturing process shows dedication to quality and detail, all while being locally produced in Italy.

MV Packaging


Maria Vittoria, a youthful entrepreneur, founded her company in Empoli, a historic Tuscan city. Focused on fashion packaging, the products are handcrafted in small batches using traditional methods in Tuscany.

Società Cartotecnica Italiana


Women lead business, the company had been founded in Arezzo, Italy in the 1963, specialized in paper products.