Natural Free-Plastic Experience

When choosing materials, we assess their full lifecycle, considering aspects like the supply chain, production impact, and end-of-life handling. Our focus is on responsibly sourced raw materials with a balance of biodegradability and durability.


MODHER, pronounced as a blend of "modern" and "leather," embodies a forward-thinking approach to leather goods, grounded in eco-consciousness and social responsibility.

Leather, often associated with luxury, is chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its potential as a sustainable material when produced responsibly.

Italian leather

All of our leather is sourced from the renowned leather district in Tuscany, Italy, a region known for its high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to strict environmental standards. By sourcing cowhide from sustainable livestock operations in Europe, we ensure that our products contribute to ethical practices and do not contribute to deforestation.

The choice of Italian Leather underscores our commitment to offering a fully plastic-free experience. This process utilizes raw materials sourced exclusively from by-products of the European food industry, guaranteeing that no animals are harmed solely for their skin.

Moreover, we emphasize the biodegradability of leather, highlighting its role in minimizing plastic pollution. Unlike synthetic materials, leather naturally decomposes over time, reducing the environmental impact of discarded products and lessening the burden on our oceans.

Sustainable leather | MODHER

Certified Vegetable tanned Leather

Vegetable-tanned leather, prized for its natural and sustainable characteristics, yields exquisite final products that stand out for their beauty and durability.

Through a meticulous process utilizing natural extracts from tree barks like oak and chestnut, this leather develops a unique richness and depth over time, acquiring a patina that tells the story of its journey.

Each piece crafted from vegetable-tanned leather exudes a distinct aroma and texture, reflecting the expertise and care of skilled artisans.

Top grained Leather

Our top-grain leather boasts a luxurious texture and unmatched durability.

To ensure sustainability, safety, and quality, our leather undergoes mechanical, physical, and chemical test at an International Quality Assurance laboratory to guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Our materials are certified against the presence of heavy metals such as nickel, chrome, and lead, aligning with stringent requirements such as REACH and California Prop. 65.


Mirum™ is a 100% Plastic- free alternative to leather material developed by Natural Fiber Welding.

Mirum is durable, versatile, and eco-friendly material. It is made with natural nutrient and bio-neutral ingredients, such as natural rubber, minerals, and other natural fibers.

Never plastics or petrochemicals. This allows to completely avoid the negative impacts of micro-plastics, toxic chemicals, and dyes leaching out at the end of life.

Soft silk suede leather

We’ve been highly selective about the materials used in various parts of our bags, including the linings. After assessing the possibility of recycled-plastic materials — which often were only 30% composed of recycled materials — we instead selected natural suede leather. This material is biodegradable, a leather-production byproduct, and certified by the Leather Working Group, ICEC, UNI, and ISO 14101.

The Soft Silk suede from Conceria Caravaggio is a premium natural suede leather renowned for its exceptional softness and smooth texture.


We have a profound appreciation for cotton, evident in its integral role in our handbags and packaging. Employing a discerning approach, we have chosen the premium-quality cotton canvas crafted by Limonta for the construction of the Maya classic crossbody's body. Additionally, for the Maya "vegan" lining, we have opted for cotton, while our branded dust bag is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Notably, cotton stands out as both biodegradable and durable, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and longevity.

Custom made Metal hardware - MODHER


We source our hardware from Italy’s Arezzo region, renowned for its artisanal gold jewelry and metal manufacturing using traditional and small-batch production methods. Our metal finishings comply with the Dodd-Frank Act’s “conflict-free” mineral standards and are certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Our accessories are all tested and certified free of heavy metals, such as chrome, lead, and nickel. 

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